Korean Vegetarian Cooking

Hello, my name is Minji Jung. I love cooking Korean food with seasonal vegetables. I spend time studying and experimenting traditional Korean cuisine.

I'm creating an online video course on Korean vegetarian cooking. I will mainly use vegetables, a little bit of dairy and eggs, and perhaps some seafood.

I will share the progress of the course prep and my thoughts about Korean food. And let's hear what Eunjae wants to say.

Hi, I'm Eunjae Lee. I'm Minji's husband. I know this testimonial is entirely biased. I must tell you that I'm a meat lover. But ever since I married her, I sometimes question myself,

Am I almost vegetarian?

I also ask her,

Hey, when was the last time we ate meat? Weeks ago? Or a month?

I don't remember, and I don't care. The food she carefully cooks from scratch makes me happy, and I want to spread this joy. Expand your palette of taste. It's a whole different world with amazing Korean vegetarian food. By the way, it's not modern or fancy cuisine. It's slow and traditional like her mom and grandma did.

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